Catapult’s Top High School Entrepreneurs

Read their stories and learn how you too, can join the ranks of successful high school entrepreneurs

Every wondered how to become a young entrepreneur, or get started on the entrepreneurial path? At Catapult we train future rockstars. Below are 1-on-1 interviews with Catapult’s most successful high school entrepreneurs. We cover topics like: How they got started, how they found a team, how they got funding, and how they’ve turned their startup experience into other opportunities.

Joyce Hsieh

Founder of Wild Daisy

How she started a $2 Million dollar business with only $20 (when she was 13)

“If you would have told me 3 years ago that my own clothing brand would be sold to people across the entire globe and worn by famous celebrities, or that I would have hundreds of thousands of people following me online, I would have thought you were crazy.”

How to Start a Business in High School

Joyce Hsieh, entrepreneur extrordinare

Micah Green

Founder and CEO of Maidbot

How Micah dropped out of Cornell and became a young successful entrepreneur

“I have no intention of going back to school, I prefer to get my education in the real world, launching companies.”

How to Become a Young Successful Entrepreneur
young successful entrepreneur micah green

Micah Green, Founder and CEO of Maidbot

Mukund Venkatakrishnan

CEO and Founder of Auris

Advice on how to build your startup while in school

“I built a low-cost device that tests a person’s hearing with a series of beeps, and also programs itself to become a hearing aid customized for that person. It eliminates the need for an expensive doctor and can be used with even the cheapest set of headphones.”

How to Turn My Idea into a Business
Advice for building a startup while in high school - this program changed my life

Mukund is 16 years old and is changing the world with his low cost hearing device

Kristian Gaylord

Free Agent, TeamUP

Should I Take A Gap Year?

“I decided to give it a go, and it was by far the most transformative year of my life. Among other things, I learned to trust my instincts, set my own goals, and make my own path instead of blindly following others. This is the story of those experiences.”

My Epic Gap Year

I learned to trust my instincts, set my own goals, and make my own path instead of blindly following others. This is the story of those experiences.

Ready to get started now? Read our 5 step essential guide for young entrepreneurs with potential

5 step Guide to High School Entrepreneurship

Alexandra Philp Reeves

Founder of EmojiHEALTH

How to manage a big team, including adults

“Proving to people that at the age of seventeen I have been able to create something that has the power to change people’s lives can be difficult. Still, Catapult helped me learn the skills needed to present myself in a professional way that really helps me get my value proposition across to professionals, be they mentors, investors, or employees.”

A high school summer entrepreneurship program launches startup
high school entrepreneurs win competition

Alexandra Philp Reeves, Founder of EmojiHEALTH

Jacob Johnston

Founder of

Should I Go To College? Jacob shares how he made the tough, but right choice for him

“It was never about school for me, rather, it was always about the education, and because of this, I started looking for other things to do.”

Should I Go To College?
Should I Go To College? Jacob Johnston Catapult Alumni tells us how he decided

Catapult Alumni Jacob Johnston

Ishan Sharma and Krystal Lam

Founder and Free Agent of HS Mixers

How to find a team to build and scale your startup idea

“When I look back, I’d cut to the chase and on Catapult Day 1 just say, “HS Mixers throws parties for high school students, and we’re the damn best at doing it. We love being high school entrepreneurs”

Our High School Entrepreneur Stories
How to find a team for your startup idea

Isahn Sharma, Co-Founder, and Krystal Lam, Free Agent at HS Mixers

Mohammed Nasir

Founder, Drones for Humanity

How to fund your idea, from crowdfunding to competitions

“Drones for Humanity is a social enterprise aimed at using a system of heavy-lifting and rapidly-deployable drones to deliver humanitarian aid, ultimately saving many lives that would otherwise be lost by the conventional disaster response system.”

Teen Social Entrepreneur Finds Success
Mohammed answering questions from investors during demo day

Mohammed answering questions from investors during demo day