Catapult’s Top High School Startups

A list of top high school startups launched through our Catapult Incubator

Do you have an idea for a business? are you already running a business and want help with scaling it, finding a team, incorporating, branding, excellent mentors? Take a peek at the list of top high school startups below to see what is possible.Join our mailing list, or consider applying to the incubator if you think you have what it takes!

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Emoji Health

Emoji Health

Emoji Health is an online platform that leverages the simplicity and popularity of emojis to communicate healthcare information to youth. The platform provides engaging information on relevant conditions. Emoji Health also allows for communication between the patient and healthcare provider, using emojis to track symptoms, compliance, and more.

Teo Foods

Teo Foods

Teo Foods in on a mission to decrease food waste in innovative ways. Our eco-friendly, natural Teo Snack Boxes are packed with delicious, organic goodies sourced from companies that use reclaimed fruit and vegetables. These foods are the imperfect, the ugly, and the forgotten – but they are still beautiful on the inside. While educating others about this huge environmental issue, we make saving waste easy, affordable, and rewarding for everyone.
Feature Article in Zero Waste Canada



LACEUP will be a website that aggregates the inventory of over 65 shoe sites, compares the prices, and provides users with the cheapest price for the shoes they want. Users will search and browse for desired shoes through Laceup’s search engine and be directed to one of our advertiser’s websites. Laceup will be the one stop shop for online shoe buying.



Mirka is a narrative driven exploration video game aiming to develop empathy within its audience. Join Liza, a youthful college graduate, on her journey to find her best friend Sarah in the lost, forgotten land of Mirka, testing the true mettle of their friendship.Through every step Liza takes on the snowy, isolated mountain range, Mirka raises the question within its players: What is the value of a real friendship?

Let’s Talk College

Let’s Talk College

Let’s Talk College is a groundbreaking new platform that connects high school seniors with current college students. On this interface, students can gain unfiltered advice, and a personalized, authentic feel for what the college experience would o er. Forget college advisors, antiquated college guides, and pay-as-you-go advice – Let’s Talk College matches college applicants with knowledgeable, friendly, real-world students who are the only true, experienced sources of help for college admission and life on campus.

Minds Internships

Minds Internships

Minds Internships is a venture that aims to connect highly motivated high school students with reputable companies to facilitate internship experiences. The venture not only helps the students get work experience and exposure in the workplace, but brings benefits for companies as well. By having eager, hardworking youth at their fingertips, companies get unique perspectives and a fresh insight from their young interns, all the while gaining a new skill set which attain elsewhere.



Roar is a network of high school brand ambassadors that connects with companies aspiring to promote their products directly to the high school market. ROAR relies on a network of influential high schoolers around the US to advertise for companies through channels such as social media and word of mouth marketing. Overall, ROAR aims to utilize the influence that peers have on each other in a positive way.

Kids Tales

Kid’s Tales

Kids Tales teaches underserved kids all over the country and globe how to write creatively. During weeklong camps, teenagers teach kids ages 8-12 how to brainstorm, write, and edit their own short story. At the end of the week the stories from each individual workshop are compiled in an anthology and self-published on Amazon. This summer Kids Tales will be teaching in nine cities in the US, and three other countries worldwide.

Safe Start Logo


SafeStart provides reliable and practical sobriety testing systems that prevent drunk drivers from getting on the road. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to get home safely. SafeStart joined Catapult to accelerate their venture which they had started over the summer the year before.

Drones For Humanity

Drones For Humanity

Drones for Humanity is a social venture aimed at using heavy lifting drones to rapidly deliver life-saving aid immediately following a natural disaster. Drones For Humanity was the overall winner from Chicago and will be deploying their drone, Humanity One, in Indonesia through a partnership with the United Nations and the Indonesian Disaster Management Association.

Drone demo video
Drones For Humanity Website

HS Mixers

HS Mixers

HS Mixers is a party-hosting service – made for students, by students. HS Mixers creates a balance between safety and enjoyability, where events are securely held up, but still have the elements of no adults, networking, and dancing that high schoolers are looking for. To date, HS Mixers has sold out every event they’ve hosted and continue to scale across the west coast.

HS Mixers
HS Mixers on Facebook
HS Mixers advice on how to find a team to scale your business



Spere is a online platform for consumer electronics where users can finally decide if the phone, tablet or computer they wish to buy is the best option for them. Spere uses a scoring system to summarize a device’s specifications and customer feedback, among many other factors, into one score so that users can instantly grasp how that specific product stacks up within the market. After deciding that this device is the best option for them, users can then find the best price. If that price is still too high, they can then choose to be notified when that price drops.

health Smart Tech

Health Smart Tech

Health Smart Technologies is a web platform to help patients discover healthcare that best suits their needs. Currently in healthcare, any one procedure has multiple prices. By providing pricing data upfront, we allow users easily compare care options, making health savings only a click away. Our partnerships within the industry ensure accuracy and dynamism of the data. Patients also help maintain pricing data quality, as crowd sourcing from our users help us provide everyone with only the highest quality health pricing.

Campus Collage


CampusCollage is an online college search tool that uses a visual experience to help prospective students find their dream college. Through curated image-based collections that showcase everything from game days and study spaces to clubs and parties on campus, CampusCollage gives prospective college students a uniquely emotional and student-based perspective of an individual college’s lifestyle and environment.

Dream Team Recruits

Dream Team Recruits

Dream Team Recruits is all about helping international high school athletes gain exposure at colleges in the United States. Our passion for sport and education has made us create a platform that simplifies the complex college sports recruitment process. With our help, any athlete can find their dream team!


Air Lance

Air Lance provides a service where real estate agents can connect with drone enthusiasts to exchange aerial media. Real estate agents now have a way to market their listings with aerial media in a more convenient and affordable way.

student4student_LOGO-06 (1)


The mission of Students4Students is to demystify the college admissions process for high school students, with a special focus on underprivileged students, by providing a free, interactive college counseling platform.



TourUs provides an immersive, fun, and interactive experience for families touring via an app. The app gamifies and adds competition to the otherwise boring touring process.


With over 360 million people suffering from hearing loss globally, Auris, an East Coast-based tech startup, was formed with the goal of creating a world where no one is limited by their hearing ability. We make a revolutionary low-cost device that houses both a hearing test and hearing aid. This will give the patient the ability to not only test their own hearing, but also automatically program the hearing aid for their needs, making auditory healthcare more affordable and accessible than ever before. At Auris we amplify life by empowering the hearing impaired.

Interview with Mukund


Wild Daisy began in 2012 as a online handmade phone case shop. After growing and gaining a social media following of over 125K teenage girls, Wild Daisy launched a clothing line in 2013 and has recently released an exclusive line of natural body care and soap products.
Joyce’s guide to starting a business with $20
Wild Daisy’s Demo Day Pitch


The world is not built with a ramp. In the United States, the average unemployment rate is more than doubled for people with disabilities. TheBridge Initiative is a nonprofit organization that connects these individuals to fulfilling employment opportunities. We do so by partnering with regional job training centers, offering a web platform that provides many services to aid people with disabilities and their caregivers in order to ease the process of employment. The Bridge Initiative strives to create a network of ethical employers and able employees, reshaping the way we treat disabilities.


We are C2G, a competitive gaming community for high schoolers playing the game League of Legends. Currently, when someone wants to compete in League of Legends, he find people who are often rude, inexperienced, or too competitive. Our league seeks to solve this by building a tight, competitive community centered around local gaming tournaments for high schoolers. By targeting a homogenous age group, we facilitate connections between team members, which both intensifies competition and reduces rudness. By hosting locally, we build rivalries between teams and further increase connection between them. C2G reinvigorates gaming by building a tightly knit community centered around competition.


Camp Sci Girl is a free, virtual computer science summer camp for middle school girls designed to close the large gender gap in technology. By providing middle school girls with high school and college female mentors, Camp Sci Girl fosters a unique, personalized learning environment where girls come together, code together, and create together.


In the face of Draconian budget cuts, Cantio’s vision is to make music accessible to all – specifically the underserved communities. We will provide musical intruments, curriculum and/or instruction to schools in need. Concurrently, Cantio will benchmark and document the effects of music education within the schools we serve, providing cogent analysis on a commissioned basis.


ChaChaCha believes that the key to overcoming the inefficient, impersonal, and ineffective process of donating to charities is by creating a connection between the community and the individual. By providing a simple, intuitive mobile application by which we can see and contribute to the opportunities surrounding us, ChaChaCha hopes to revolutionize the giving process.


College Hive is a personalized web experience that allows prospective college students and parents to sort, store, and rank their college information. While searching online, users can “stick” college information onto their personal hive account, and college hive allows users to easily find this information long after discovery.


Empowered is a business that seeks to help small business owners, specifically those in inner cities, to utilize technology to their benefit to have a web presence that will enhance their prosperity in the long run. By creating a website for a set, one time fee, as opposed to most models’ monthly subscriptions, our business will be cost-effective for these businesses who are just getting off of the ground. We can also set up multiple social media accounts for the business to use in order to target a younger audience, if need be. Additionally, for a greatly reduced maintenance fee, we will continually update and monitor the website, provide statistics on its effects on the business’s customers and revenue, and to manage the business’s social media accounts. Overall, the main goal of Empowered is to maintain a strong, accountable, long-term relationship with individual businesses and to help each realize its unique potential.


Equivate is an aggregator of and matchmaker for equity crowdfunding opportunities across the web. We plan to create a web platform with those basic functions and profit from lead generation. The app will focus on creating a “shark tank” like experience for investors.


Eroteme is an innovative mobile platform whose purpose is rooted in high school students, their interests and their problems. This medium connects high school students in an exclusive location-based collection of forums pertaining to different aspects of their daily lives. These forums are categorized based on both temporary current topics and permanent daily subjects, giving users the freedom to customize the content they consume. By allowing moderated anonymous questions and posts, we are enabling an open and honest environment for students to ask for life advice to a non judgemental community.


Asking people for money is scary. Fantasy Sports 4 Life is crowdfunding without Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Razoo. Led by a group of teen entrepreneurs, we are the first crowdfunding platform utilizing the booming, multi-billion dollar fantasy sports industry. We’re building a better framework for crowdfunding without the flaws – you won’t have to settle for all-or-nothing goals, adhere to strict project guidelines, or fork over huge cuts of funds raised.


FlashFinder: “Creating Connections, Making Memories”
FlashFinder is a two-sided online platform that provides customers with more options and photographers with boosted visibility. With the goal of creating an increasingly accessible service, FlashFinder provides both inexpensive and high-quality local photographers to all customers.

The FlashFinder team includes five members from around the nation. Each team member is dedicated to finding a solution for the problems photographers and customer face, so that customers always have a lasting memory to look back on.

Kiss App


Social Synergy Media (SSM) is a social applications company that aims to foster superior human interactions. SSM’s first product is Kiss, a mobile application that allows users to anonymously gauge their chances for a romantic relationship with people in their social circles. Kiss will serve as a safe, secure platform for romantic relationships, primarily targeting high schoolers.


Science can be defined as the study of the world around us through observation and experimentation. Nevertheless, thousands of high school students never experience this explorative and creative aspect of science simply due to the high cost of the equipment and materials needed to perform laboratory experiments in a high school classroom. LabCrate is an innovative solution that provides simple lab packages on loan to high schools with a limited budget for science. By allowing multiple schools access to research-grade equipment and experiments for a specific period of time, we keep costs down and give students the confidence and experience they need to continue their science education and enter careers in science and technology.


LaborLion is a end to end service that facilitates the connection, completion, and compensation between Homeowners and Students for local household jobs. Anything from lawn mowing to babysitting is posted via an online (mobile or web) platform. This post is shown to local students who then respond if they are interested. When a Homeowner has selected a student for their job, LaborLion manages the dialog between the two parties and all communication activities related to the job. After the job is completed, a Homeowner transfers their payment, of which LaborLion takes 20%, and rates the Student’s performance on an intuitive work report. They are also given the opportunity to post a follow-up job with that student.


Landme is a social venture that aims to democratize summer opportunities like internships and enrichment programs for high school students. Landme aggregates summer opportunities and makes it easy for students to find the one that is right for them. We also collaborate with providers of summer opportunities to make it easy for them to reach out to and recruit students that fit their target demographic.


The mXers team aims to eliminate fragile, expensive, and generic earbuds by replacing them with a modular product. mXers earbuds will be built with separate earbuds, wires, connectors, and accessories. These will come in varying designs, colors, and functions. Ultimately, the mXers team hopes to improve customers’ listening experience by eliminating one-part-ruins-all breakage and messy storage without compromising sound quality or stylishness. The mXers modular design adapts to customers’ individual needs, allowing them to build what they need, and only what they need, from the ground up.


Nannofood is a mission-based company with one major goal: to end malnutrition. Using phytoplankton, or unicellular free-floating algae, we are growing a new food source that comes from the bottom of the aquatic food chain. It is affordable, sustainable, nutritious and scalable. NannoFood has pivoted to now breeding Horseshoe Crabs.


On Campus is a digital indoor and outdoor navigational system personalized to the user and the school they attend. By digitalizing and animating both indoor and outdoor maps of any college campus, we take students directly to their classrooms. We personalized the app for individual students by allowing them to log into their student account; providing access their schedule and interests. In order to stay connected and involved with your school, On Campus provides a social platform for students, clubs, and any other groups to post announcements, information, or invitations to social activities or events.


Traditional advertising has been ineffective in capturing the attention of the market. PromoPython is refashioning marketing into a more personal connection between a brand and its customers. We help businesses attract clients by connecting them with high school ambassadors that truly care about their brand. These ambassadors create brand recognition through personalized campaigns and social media shout-outs. PromoPython creates the atmosphere that print and social media advertisements fail to build.


Ripple is a simple social app with a powerful impact, dedicated to spreading feelings of goodwill anonymously. Enabling users to update current mood statuses, send uplifting messages to those in need of encouragement, and receive messages from all around the world, Ripple aims to make life just a little more positive for everyone.

OYAMA represents the newest nexus between profitability and social responsibility as its appeal to investing parties.


The concept of our enterprise originated while volunteering in hospitals. While volunteering, we discovered how difficult it was to maneuver wheelchairs well enough to avoid a collision. Thus the birth of Sensei. Our team, Sensei, hopes of improving the care and experience of patients in wheelchairs in hospitals. In order to doctor this difficulty, we have created an original motion sensor to be implemented on wheelchairs. The sensor, similar to the back-up camera on a car, enables the wheelchair operator to gain a better sense of his or her surroundings and ensures the user’s safety.


Stand Up Against Child Abuse is a venture to empower and equip young leaders with the tools and support they need to create awareness and help victims of child abuse.

Through a website youth leaders will be provided “leadership kits” with information about child abuse, and support materials. All in a step by step program that will help them implement the project in their communities. It will also provide the user with information of young leaders that are implementing the projects; so they can get involved, get ideas and stand up for the cause as well.


STEMs For Youth is a non-profit organization in which youth mentor youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with fun, innovative programs. Children are often discouraged from STEM due to its daunting image. Many think it is too difficult or complex for them to learn. STEMs For Youth works to combat this rapidly expanding problem by providing a personalized approach to learning, using robotics and virtual worlds to engage children. We make it fun to be STEM smart!


Tacboard. Eight letters, eight team members; all uniting to support and represent our one mission: to help consumers discover new styles in a local community with fellow fashion adventurers. Our product creates a strong communal base to allow unconventional styles a platform to be accessible. Along with showcasing unique styles that are curated for each user, we are integrating a price notification feature that allows consumers to set a desired price and receive alerts on the item when that price is reached. TacBoard will aims to revolutionize the way we shop online, making the experience affordable, convenient and social.

Tacboard has a new name -> StaySavvy


Threaded links those who need affordable, quality screen printed clothing with local high school artists in order to reinvent the role of teenagers in design and business. We are the only T-shirt design and screen printing company that empowers young artists through allowing them to share their designs which unite sports teams, schools, businesses, families, and our broader community. We are changing the stigma placed upon teenagers into positivity. We provide a thread of connection for creativity and collaboration.


UScan is an RFID technology company that creates innovative inventory management solutions. Once implemented, our product provides retailers with real-time item tracking—without having to overhaul their existing point of sale systems. Stores receive simple-to-interpret data on RFID-tagged items, and gain the necessary insight for omni-channel retailing. At UScan, we are revolutionizing the world of inventory control.


In today’s technology-connected world, Vocap stands out as an app that strives to improve people’s communication skills through language learning. Vocap allows users to experience language learning through watching videos so that users can finally relate learning a language to an activity that all people do in their spare time. Captions at the bottom of the screen allow users to learn new vocabulary and later recall it with a quiz feature at the end of the video. In addition, all Vocap videos are provided by community-based independent filmmakers. Vocap is an app that strives to attract a diversity of users, whether they be new language learners, experienced language learners, or just a language student wishing to improve his/her grade.


On college applications today, we’ve reduced volunteering down to a number — the number of hours someone has volunteered. 5. 13. 77. What we’re missing, as a result, are the skills, the impact, and the stories that volunteer experiences produce. Volu provides the platform for crafting and sharing rich stories about your volunteer experience through personal and 3rd party testimonials.


The purpose of WorlDance is to bring movement-with-music classes to as many students as possible at no-cost, to share our passion for dance, while expanding each student’s world, and to provide the ability for them to move into the arts — creatively, physically, and emotionally. Using instructional videos, pre-selected music, and a detailed schedule of classes, any P.E. teacher may adapt our program from the WorlDance website for his or her own curriculum with an option of having a WorlDance assistant on hand when needed.


We are team Yepinn. Often, teens lack a resourceful community around them to pursue their interests and this leads to a lot of teens giving up on their passions. After witnessing this tragic loss of potential among our friends, we were inspired to create Yepinn. Yepinn connects teens with similar extracurricular interests and enables them to share their knowledge and resources through social media leading to the formation of a community based on interactive learning. We have fused together the popularity of social media and the need for resources into one concept of interactive learning helping curious teens explore the unknown together. By helping aspiring teens explore their passions, we are fueling the discoveries of the next generation of thinkers and inventors, one click at a time.


Our venture is We are a subscription service that provides customized shaving kits that are tailored for a specific user (think SkinID). Using a simple survey that users take in order to customize their shaving/groom kit, we will package products that will fit their type of hair, thickness of hair and skin type. This package can be loaded with shaving cream, razors and blades, after shave, trimmer and oil. We believe that this approach is useful for the user by saving them the inconvenience of driving to the store to pick up products, nicks from shaving with incompatible blades and figuring out all of what the user needs to provide the look they are aiming for.