At Catapult, we believe Parents are crucial to the success of young entrepreneurs

“Catapult is not just about launching a startup. It’s about joining a community that will change your life. It’s about teaching you skills and helping you develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will help you dominate problems now and in the future. Catapult is about launching successful entrepreneurs.”


-Joshua Caleb Collins, Founder and CEO of Catapult

Parents are invited to join the Catapult Parent Program to enhance their student’s experience.

The Parent Program is designed to:

  • Generate ideas to support children in their entrepreneurship process
  • Build a national network of parents who are evolving parenting of the 21st century
  • Share best practices among the new community


Parent's at Demo Day

Parent’s at Demo Day

Parent Session on the 1st weekend

Parent Session on the 1st weekend

Discussion during Parent Session

Discussion during Parent Session

We highly encourage you to participate in the Parent Workshop during the first weekend on Saturday from 9am – 4pm.


Many Parents tell us they aren’t sure how to support their young entrepreneur


Join a community of parents supporting young entrepreneurs.  We’ll send you the newsletter to keep you up to date on Catapult and opportunities to support the entrepreneurial passion of your high school student.

Hear What Other Catapult Parents Are Saying About Their Experience

  • I wanted to thank you for all you did to make the Catapult program such a meaningful experience, both for my son and me. I would like to add my thanks for your wisdom during our Parent Sessions. As I mentioned last week, since we don’t receive grades, reviews, or feedback for parenting there are very few times when we have an opportunity to reflect on this most important of all jobs. It was extraordinary to be given that opportunity and to have you guide us so thoughtfully.

    Parent, Catapult '14
  • Our parent group felt like a coming together of great minds, with absolute honesty in how we parent, take care of ourselves and share new ways with one another to approach our life stresses and changes. We will continue to meet because we all got so much out if it – balancing the many facets of life.

    Parent, Catapult '14
  • I believe Catapult was the most valuable educational experience of my daughter’s 16 years.

    Parent, Catapult '14
  • On the plane home my son argued that he’d learned more in one day of Catapult than in a year of high school. The team-building bonds, the opportunity to work with such creative and inspiring advisors, and the resources available through Harvard, Ashoka, and your own contacts made the experience incredibly rich. Thank you so much for identifying and supporting our young changemakers.

    Parent, Catapult '14
  • The extremely high quality of the resources available to these young people, the authentic team-building exercises they engaged in, the excitement evident in the mentors/advisors who participated on the students, excellent organization by the Catapult/Ashoka leaders, and the way the program helped develop the students’ maturity over the course of the [program].

    Parent, Catapult '14
  • This was a phenomenal program and I applaud your efforts to pull it off. I know there were hundreds of moving parts. But you brought together an amazing group of kids who achieved some real and tangible outcomes that many adults would not be capable of doing. They learned so much. Your mentor group was so impressive. Thank you so much for doing this. It was life changing for our son and we are grateful he had the good fortune to be part of it!

    Parent, Catapult '14

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